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Spell check of thinning

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Correct spelling: thinning

Common misspellings:

thincking, thinkng, thinkinf, thankking, thiing, thisin, thinkin, thiking, thebginning, thikning, thinig, thinling, thinkinh, thaning, thinging, hirning, thiings, thinnly, thraining, shinnin, throwning, threnening, thinkon, theopinion, thanknig, minning, thining, thinkign, thinkong, thinki9ng, thingin, thinng, thinnning, thinkink, honning, thingink, tthinking, theifing, thuinking, thifing, thuding, thnings, thihnking, tighthening, thickining, threaening, thingand, nothening, thingng, linning.

Examples of usage:

  1. The thinner can be used again for either cleaning or thinning purposes.  Advanced Toy Making for Schools by David M. Mitchell
  2. They both increase in numbers very rapidly, and when protected, are more likely to require thinning down every few years, than artificial assistance from the amateur.  Amateur Fish Culture by Charles Edward Walker
  3. The armies of Witgenstein and Tchichagoff, then, were about to be in communication with each other, and in possession of those points at which Napoleon was most likely to attempt his escape from Smolensko, into Poland; while the main army itself, having advanced side by side with the French, was now stationed to the south- west of Smolensko, in readiness to break the enemy's march whenever Kutusoff should choose; Milarodowitch, finally, and Platoff, were hanging close behind, and thinning every hour the miserable bands who had no longer heart, nor, for the most part, arms of any kind wherewith to resist them.  The History of Napoleon Buonaparte by John Gibson Lockhart