The Importance of Spell Check

No matter what you write - be it for school, online or just a letter - it is important to always spell check your work. There are many reasons why it is important to spell check your work.

First, if you don't check your work for correct spelling, your teacher, employer or other will not take what you've done seriously. When a project is not checked for spelling, it will look sloppy and unprofessional.

Second, if you don't spell check your work, your work may be rejected or you will receive a poor grade. Work that is not checked for good spelling makes the writer look careless and uncaring.

Third, if you don't check your spelling, whoever will be reading your work may become bored or frustrated if they can't understand your words or are struggling with misspelled or misused words. In addition, if you have an online business and are writing for your website and your grammar is poor, you will lose customers. You want to be able to grab the attention of your reader and if they have to struggle to understand the content, he or she will go elsewhere.

Fourth, if you are writing an article on a health issue and you are careless in the spelling of certain medicines or medical procedures, you could be putting your reader in danger. Of course, proofreading is also necessary because even with an accurate spell check, words can be misused in the context of the writing.

So, to ensure that your work is accurate, readable and professional, do a spell check and a proofread.