Spell check of root-sheath

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Correct spelling: root-sheath

Common misspellings:

riot-sheath, root-zheath, root-dheath, root-sbeath, rolt-sheath, root-eheath, rokt-sheath, root-sneath, root-shezth, ropt-sheath, roof-sheath, foot-sheath, root-shdath, roit-sheath, roor-sheath, rooy-sheath, 4oot-sheath, root-sheqth, root-sgeath, r9ot-sheath, rootpsheath, root-sh3ath, root0sheath, ro0t-sheath, eoot-sheath, 5oot-sheath, rpot-sheath, root-aheath, root-shrath, root-shwath, roo6-sheath, doot-sheath, root-syeath, roo5-sheath, r0ot-sheath, ro9t-sheath, root-sh4ath, toot-sheath, root-wheath, root-sjeath, root-shearh, root-shesth, root-xheath, root-sueath, root-shsath, root-shewth, roog-sheath, root-sheafh, rkot-sheath, rlot-sheath.