Spell check of resolutions

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Correct spelling: resolutions

Common misspellings:

resoloution, resoulation, salutions, resoltuions, resolultion, soolutions, reserlostion, resoutions, resalotion, reseloution, resoulotion, recolution, revoloutions, revloutions, reltions, resoltion, soluttions, reoslution, resolusion, resolation, resulations, redsolution, resloution, soultions, resloutions, resolotion, solutionas, resoulution, resulotion, soluations, solotions, resiloution, resoulutions, reselution, resultion, resoultions, restions, resoluations, solosions, sresolution, rezolution, soloutions, reslolution, resulution, resaloution, soulutions, regultions, resolustion, revoltions, resalutions.

Examples of usage:

  1. A " committee on resolutions" is also appointed to prepare the party platform.  Government and Administration of the United States by Westel W. Willoughby and William F. Willoughby
  2. And in spite of her good resolutions, Nan's eyes grew misty.  Not Like Other Girls by Rosa N. Carey
  3. A president, secretary, and treasurer were also elected, and a number of resolutions agreed to in reference to the carrying out of the details of their scheme.  Home-Life of the Lancashire Factory Folk during the Cotton Famine by Edwin Waugh
  4. There was one clause in the resolutions which he did not believe.  The-Life-of-Phineas-T-Barnum by Benton, Joel