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Spell check of provides

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Correct spelling: provides

Common misspellings:

pyromids, priotities, procvided, provuide, proviide, priovided, provioded, provaide, prvide, provcide, profide, provieders, procideurs, provdide, providese, provieded, promites, provideing, providign, proivides, prodvides, provids, provid, proviced, proivide, profiels, provise, prosedes, prodives, prividers, providide, providiers, provicers, previpuse, provies, profics, providor, porivded, protudes, pervides, porovided, proivders, previoues, provied, proides, prevides, providee, providet, provivded, proifts.

Examples of usage:

  1. If the spirits mean that the medium's " light" grows weak and no longer provides them with the unknown something that they require in order to communicate, why do they not express themselves more clearly?  Mrs. Piper & the Society for Psychical Research by Michael Sage
  2. Another clause in the Act of 1920 provides that no railroad may abandon lines, build new lines, or extend old ones, without the consent of the Commission.  Problems in American Democracy by Thames Ross Williamson
  3. I can well imagine the kind of entertainment the Shahbandar of Surat provides for his guests.  The Moghul by Thomas Hoover
  4. It provides the title of the Irish delegation to Parliament, and is endorsed at General Election after General Election by a great and unchanging majority.  The Open Secret of Ireland by T. M. Kettle
  5. Do you imagine that he provides such abundant supplies for our appetites and senses here, without providing more substantial pleasures for our future enjoyment?  Coelebs In Search of a Wife by Hannah More