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Correct spelling: office


What does the acronym office stand for?

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Common misspellings:

ofice, offile, offi, officle, offiers, offiste, offecive, offte, offcier, offive, sifice, offerce, saffice, effeiceny, sefice, officem, officere, ivoice, avice, oficer, offsure, officce, offeicer, ofifice, efficicay, officeres, ouffit, offres, officier, officeof, officed, offkey, offica, feice, oiffice, ofence, officors, offnece, ofcource, oraphace, thefice, effecy, offrer, officies, officeial, offece, offerice, offiece, officess, offuice.

Examples of usage:

  1. When can I see you in your office?"  John March, Southerner by George W. Cable
  2. Then you'd be free to come to my office to- morrow morning and see me, wouldn't you?  Carl and the Cotton Gin by Sara Ware Bassett
  3. Three days ago I entered Drayton's office.  Seven Keys to Baldpate by Earl Derr Biggers
  4. How long have you been in the office?  Walter Sherwood's Probation by Horatio Alger
  5. The long walk to and from the office may thus become an efficacious source of thoughts that are different and of profound pleasure.  Psychotherapy by James J. Walsh