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Spell check of ninny

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Correct spelling:
nin'i, n. a simpleton.-- Also NINN'Y-HAMM'ER. [ It. ninno, child; Sp. niño, infant.]


goose, imbecile, dunce, illiterates, fair game, softhead, nerd, moron, clod, oaf, sap, dimwit, lamebrain, fatheads, twerps, dumb ox, blockhead, jackass, lightweight, halfwit, loon, victim, cretin, simple, fool, ignoramus, sucker, Mooncalf, bore, fools, easy mark, gooses, nincompoop, dunderhead, schlemiel, simpleton, schmo, boob, twit, silly, stooge, innocent, ding-dong, ass, fathead, numskull, nitwit, innocents, bonehead, sillies, buffoon, birdbrain, tomfool, idiot, turkey, dolt, clown, twerp, dope, Geese, illiterate, jerk.
gorilla, goon, bozos, bozo, Gorillas, bruisers, bruiser, strong arm, tough guy.
poop, nincompoop.
stupid person
Examples of usage:
  1. Ninny went singing about the house, and Preston whistled more than ever. – The Twin Cousins by Sophie May
  2. Did you ever go in the cars alone, Ninny, with your own valise, and a check in your pocket? – The Twin Cousins by Sophie May
  3. " No, I never did- at your age," replied Ninny, who was now a young lady of twelve. – The Twin Cousins by Sophie May
  4. " No matter," said Annot; " ninny, or no ninny, I'll go where I'm like to see him; and I'm sure I'll never bear the sight of another man afterwards; the dear, good, sweet Cathelineau, with his curly hair, and fine whiskers, and black bright eyes; he's better than all the noblemen: I declare I dreamed of him these last two nights." – La Vendée An Historical Romance by Anthony Trollope
  5. " Ninny," said I; " there is blood on your fingers, too, where the line cut, and you've wiped it on my sleeve!" – Cardigan by Robert W. Chambers