Spell check of loop-the-loop

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Correct spelling: loop-the-loop

Common misspellings:

lokp-the-loop, lkop-the-loop, lo9p-the-loop, llop-the-loop, looppthe-loop, loip-the-loop, loop-the-lpop, lolp-the-loop, loop-the-liop, ooop-the-loop, loop-the-l0op, lo0p-the-loop, loop-thr-loop, loop-the-l9op, loop-thw-loop, loop-the-poop, loop-the-lkop, loop-tne-loop, lpop-the-loop, l9op-the-loop, lool-the-loop, loop-tge-loop, loop-tue-loop, loop-the0loop, loop-tje-loop, loop-tye-loop, loo0-the-loop, loop-ths-loop, loop-the-llop, loop-5he-loop, loop-thd-loop, loop-6he-loop, loop-ghe-loop, loop-theploop, loop-th4-loop, looo-the-loop, loo--the-loop, loop-rhe-loop, loop-fhe-loop, loop0the-loop, loop-th3-loop, lopp-the-loop, l0op-the-loop, poop-the-loop, loop-tbe-loop, liop-the-loop, koop-the-loop, loop-the-koop, loop-the-ooop, loop-yhe-loop.