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Correct spelling: lest


What does the acronym lest stand for?

LEST abbreviation definitions:

Common misspellings:

lowesst, let, best, lleast, lleft, lasdt, laast, list, ledgit, leisten, laset, lastr, liist, deast, rest, test1, klist, leusemia, lasat, leasyt, dest, flast, listn, listd, allst, lsten, leastr, cehst, lesh, cest, plost, lesli, least3, seista, eeast, lonestar, letty, logest, last, test123, lesee, alset, litest, lesen, cloest, alleast, louist, leson, leasat, lefft.

Examples of usage:

  1. Yea, for my sin I had great store of bliss: Rise up, make answer for me, let thy kiss Seal my lips hard from speaking of my sin, Lest one go mad to hear how sweet it is.  Poems & Ballads (First Series) by Algernon Charles Swinburne
  2. Yet she must not pass the church with me, lest an encounter with her father should take place.  Aylwin by Theodore Watts-Dunton
  3. He was afraid to cry, lest she should send him in the house, so he ran out into the road and watched impatiently to see if anybody was coming along to go to the fire.  The Adventures of Joel Pepper by Margaret Sidney
  4. As for your father, I'm afraid to go to the house lest he should bite me.  Trumps by George William Curtis