Spell check of Hover-hawk

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Correct spelling: Hover-hawk

Common misspellings:

jover-hawk, hover-uawk, hovef-hawk, hove5-hawk, bover-hawk, hover-hzwk, hofer-hawk, hover-hswk, hover-bawk, hove4-hawk, hovee-hawk, hovet-hawk, gover-hawk, hover-ha3k, hiver-hawk, hovrr-hawk, hover-hask, hober-hawk, hoved-hawk, hlver-hawk, hoverphawk, uover-hawk, hover-jawk, hover-ha2k, hover-haek, hover-nawk, yover-hawk, hover-haak, hover-yawk, hover-hawl, h0ver-hawk, hovwr-hawk, hkver-hawk, hov4r-hawk, hocer-hawk, nover-hawk, hover-hwwk, hov3r-hawk, hovdr-hawk, hoger-hawk, hover-hawm, hover-hawo, hovsr-hawk, hover-hqwk, hover-gawk, hover-haqk, hpver-hawk, h9ver-hawk, hover-hawj, hover0hawk.