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Spell check of half

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Correct spelling:
häf, n. one of two equal parts: a contraction of half-year, as in a school session:-- pl. HALVES ( hävz).-- adj. having or consisting of one of two equal parts: being in part: incomplete, as measures.-- adv. in an equal part or degree: in part: imperfectly.-- v.i. to divide into two equal parts.-- ns. HALF'- AND-HALF, a mixture of beer or porter and ale; HALF'- BACK, in football, a position on the right or left side of the field, between the quarter-back and full-back, or directly behind the forwards: a player occupying this position.-- adj. HALF'- BAKED, underdone: incomplete: half-witted.-- v.t. HALF'- BAPTISE', to baptise privately and hastily.-- ns. HALF'- BIND'ING, a style of bookbinding in which the backs and corners are of leather, and the sides of paper or cloth; HALF'- BLOOD, relation between those who are of the same father or mother, but not of both.-- adj. HALF'- BLOOD'ED.-- ns. HALF'- BOARD ( naut.), a manoeuvre by which a sailing-ship gains distance to windward by luffing up into the wind; HALF'- BOOT, a boot reaching half-way to the knee.-- adj. HALF'- BOUND, bound only partly in leather, as a book.-- n. HALF'- BREED, one that is half-blooded.-- adj. HALF'- BRED, half or not well bred or trained: wanting in refinement.-- ns. HALF'- BROTH'ER, HALF'- SIS'TER, a brother or sister by one parent only; HALF'- CAP ( Shak.), a cap only partly taken off: a slight salute; HALF'- CASTE, a person one of whose parents belongs to a Hindu caste, and the other is a European: any half-breed; HALF'- CHEEK ( Shak.), a face in profile; HALF'- COCK, the position of the cock of a gun when retained by the first notch ( see COCK); HALF'- CROWN, a silver coin in England, of the value of two shillings and sixpence.-- adj. HALF'- DEAD, almost dead, nearly exhausted.-- n. HALF'- DOLL'AR, a silver coin of the United States, worth 50 cents.-- adj. HALF'- DONE, not fully cooked, roasted, & c.-- n. HALF'- DOZ'EN, six.-- adjs. HALF'- ED'UCATED, imperfectly educated; HALF'EN ( Spens.), half.-- adv. HALF'ENDEAL ( Spens.), half.-- adjs. HALF'- FACED ( Shak.), showing only part of the face: wretched-looking; HALF'- HEART'ED, cold, ungenerous: lukewarm: indifferent.-- adv. HALF'- HEART'EDLY.-- ns. HALF'- HEART'EDNESS; HALF'- HOLIDAY, half of a working day for recreation; HALF'- KIR'TLE, a kind of jacket worn by women in the 16th and 17th centuries; HALF'- LENGTH, a portrait or photograph showing the upper part of the body.-- adj. of half-length.-- ns. HALF'LING, a half-grown person, between a boy and a man; HALF'- MAST, the position of a flag lowered half-way down, in respect for the dead or in signal of distress; HALF'- MEAS'URE, any means inadequate for the end proposed; HALF'- MOON, the moon at the quarters when but half of it is illuminated: anything semicircular; HALF'- MOURN'ING, a mourning costume less than deep or full mournings.-- adj. HALF'- N[= A]' KED, as nearly naked as clothed.-- ns. HALF'- NOTE ( mus.), a minim, being one-half of a semibreve or whole note; HALF'- ONE ( golf), a handicap of one stroke every second hole; HALF'- PAY, reduced pay, as of naval or military officers when not in active service.-- adj. receiving half-pay.-- ns. HALFPENNY ( h[= a]' pen-i), a copper coin worth half a penny: the value of half a penny: ( Shak.) anything very small:-- pl. HALFPENCE ( h[= a]' pens); HALF'PENNYWORTH, the worth or value of a halfpenny; HALF'- PIKE, a pike with a shaft only half the length of the ordinary; HALF'- PRICE, a reduced charge of admission, & c.-- adj. at half the usual prices.-- adj. HALF'- ROUND ( Milt.), semicircular.-- ns. HALF'- ROY'AL, a special kind of millboard or pasteboard; HALF'- SHELL, one-half of a bivalve, as in oysters ' on the half-shell.'-- adj. HALF'- SIGHT'ED, short-sighted.-- n. HALF'- SOV'EREIGN, an English gold coin, worth ten shillings.-- adj. HALF'- STARVED, having insufficient food.-- ns. HALF'- SUIT, the body armour of the 17th century; HALF'- SWORD ( Shak.), fight within half a sword's length: close fight; HALF'- TIDE, the tide half-way between flood and ebb.-- adj. left dry at half-tide.-- ns. HALF'- TIM'ER, one who works only half the usual time, esp. a pupil in an elementary school allowed to be absent half the school-day at some employment; HALF'- TINT, an intermediate tint; HALF'- T[= I]' TLE, a short title of a book at the head of the first page of the text, or a title of any subdivision of a book when printed in a full page; HALF'- TRUTH, a statement conveying only part of the truth.-- adv. HALF'- WAY, at half the way or distance: imperfectly.-- adj. equally distant from two points.-- adjs. HALF'- WIT'TED, weak in intellect; HALF'- YEAR'LY, occurring at every half-year or twice in a year.-- adv. twice in a year.-- n. BETT'ER-HALF, a wife.-- HALF-SEAS-OVER, half-drunk.-- NOT HALF, to a very slight extent: ( slang) not at all.-- CRY HALVES, to claim a half-share; GO HALVES, to share equally with a person. [ A.S. healf ( Ger. halb, Dan. halv); original meaning ' side.']


fractional, fragmentary, sectional, segmental, semi, part, quarter, third.
bifurcated, branching, carved, forked, halve, severed, Bisected, cleaved, fissured, cut, divided, halfway, split.
average, axial, central, centralized, core, equidistant, geocentric, half-and-half, halfway, intermediate, mean, medial, median, mediocre, medium, mezzo, mid, middle, middle-of-the-road, middling, midmost, nuclear, pivotal, Bisecting.
divided, fifty-fifty, fractional, incomplete, limited, moderate, partly, Bisected, Halved, even-steven.
allotted, apportioned, compartmented, divided, measured, partitioned, rationed, segmented, shared, sliced, subdivided, Dismembered, Parceled, Pieced, Zoned, Portioned, budgeted, cut, fraction, split.
bifurcation, branch, cleavage, dichotomy, fissure, fork, hemisphere.
denominator, fragment, numerator, quarter, section, third.
axis, bisection, center, epicenter, heart, hub, kernel, marrow, mediocrity, midpoint, midst, nub, nucleus, pivot, halfway point.
one of two equal parts of a whole
bisection, division, fifty percent, fraction, hemisphere, moiety.
fifty-fifty, mixed, partial, two, Halved, divided by two, divided in two, equally distributed in halves.
allotment, allowance, bit, budget, chunk, commission, compartment, cut, dividend, division, fraction, helping, interest, lot, measure, member, parcel, part, partition, percentage, piece, portion, proportion, quantum, quota, ration, sector, segment, share, slice, split, stake, stock, subdivision, zone.
half, one-half.
cut in half
bisect, divide equally, reduce by fifty percent, share equally, split in two.
Examples of usage:
  1. Why, I forget half the time that I'm Mary. – Mary Marie by Eleanor H. Porter
  2. Time up for first half. – The Varmint by Owen Johnson F. R. Gruger
  3. I half wish it did. – Will Warburton by George Gissing
  4. You don't go half far enough. – The Valley of Vision by Henry Van Dyke
  5. She half turned as if to hear more, but he said nothing. – The Slave Of The Lamp by Henry Seton Merriman