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Correct spelling: GAED

What does the acronym GAED stand for?

GAED abbreviation definitions:

Common misspellings:

hgaed, gae4d, gwaed, gae d, gqaed, tgaed, gvaed, gsaed, gaedf, gae3d, gaesd, gaefd, vgaed, g aed, gyaed, ga3ed, ygaed.

Examples of usage:

  1. He fell back again into a rantin fit- swore he didna understand me- threatened to lick me- seized me by the cravat- took awa his hand again- gaed to the door- returned- calmed- rose, and calmed again.  Wilson's Tales of the Borders and of Scotland, Vol. XX by Alexander Leighton
  2. " Weel, he gaed up and he gaed doon, and he aye said, 'Oh yes, yes, ' juist like the thrashing mill at Drumsheugh scraiking and girling till it's fairly aff, an' by- and- by oot he comes wi' his heads.  Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush by Ian Maclaren
  3. I bude to see things bonnie, or my strength gaed frae me.  Alec Forbes of Howglen by George MacDonald
  4. With old Joe Baxter she long had striven,- Joe set his sponge, but it never would leaven; And as for Gib Jenkinson's cow that gaed yeld, It was very well known that Crummie was spelled.  Wilson's Tales of the Borders and of Scotland, Volume XXIV. by Revised by Alexander Leighton