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Correct spelling: forward


What does the acronym forward stand for?

FORWARD abbreviation definitions:

Common misspellings:

fourway, fordward, forwardin, forwand, fortward, forwar, forawd, farqaard, forwaerd, foward, forwaded, uoward, forvard, forard, dowward, forwarard, forwred, towward, forwording, forwned, loward, forwork, torward, fowarder, fowed, forweard, dorward, forwod, forwarrd, forhead, forwords, boward, froaud, forwarf, fowader, fowarded, ofwater, foroward, forwered, fairwood, forwsrd, moveforward, forways, forwad, fourhead, fewature, lorward, ourward, forwader, formart.

Examples of usage:

  1. When I look forward it seems to me that a time will come when I shall want it very much."  The Duke's Children by Anthony Trollope
  2. For an instant it seemed to him that he must turn back- that he could not go forward.  The Ancient Law by Ellen Glasgow
  3. And why does he not come forward?  Erema My Father's Sin by R. D. Blackmore
  4. One night we had the middle watch, and were together on the look- out forward.  Old Jack by W.H.G. Kingston
  5. Come forward, if you please.  The Parent's Assistant by Maria Edgeworth