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cloak-and-dagger, covertly, secretiveness, Clandestinity, Secretness, Covertness, clandestinely, clandestineness, huggermuggery, clandestine.
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Spell check of expel

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Correct spelling:
eliminate, as of bodily substances


discharge, eject, throw out, boot out, rout out, turf out, chuck out, rout, oust, exclude, turn out, kick out, release, drum out.
exhaust, belch, remove, cast out, dislodge, irrupt, evacuate, erupt, get rid of, ejaculate, disgorge, vomit, drive out, exude, pass, eruct, blow out, spew, exudate, throw out.
disqualify, forbid, deny, repudiate, prohibit, eradicate, disallow, amputate, ban, relegate, excise, ignore, bar, proscribe, renounce.
eject, confine, deport, ostracize, banish, closet, cloister, disbar, insulate, remove, reject, seclude, segregate, expatriate, exile, alienate, boycott, screen, blacklist, detach, oust, sequester, extirpate, evict, blackball, eliminate, exclude, cordon, extradite, separate, excommunicate, isolate.
expel, kick out, throw out.
throw out, banish
bust, discharge, ban, displace, blackball, show the door, proscribe, give the boot, dispossess, oust, bar, expatriate, exclude, give the hook, Expulse, suspend, chase, dismiss, give walking papers, turn out, fire, eliminate, send packing, evict, kick out, deport, drum out, eject, throw out on ear, exile.
Examples of usage:
  1. A count or earl has no more right to expel from their homes the inhabitants of his county, than a king to expel from his country the inhabitants of his kingdom. – Leading Articles on Various Subjects by Hugh Miller
  2. Jimmie, owing to a defect afterwards corrected, could not expel the water while the door was open, nor could he close the door from the interior. – Boy Scouts in a Submarine by G. Harvey Ralphson
  3. Of course, we could expel him, but if we did, it would be thought that we had done so because he had found out the truth about the explosion. – Jennie Baxter, Journalist by Robert Barr