Spell check of even

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Correct spelling: even


What does the acronym even stand for?

EVEN abbreviation definitions:

Common misspellings:

jiven, evven, elevon, evne, evevning, ovento, hevean, evrr, eveer, evenn, aveeno, eventi, overun, iever, heven, sevon, evethough, evning, gevin, evevn, evnt, avenu, evben, eleni, orphen, revern, eaven, evenr, evian, enven, 7seven, evry, eviel, ehrn, keven, evny, everlyn, evein, moven, aveneu, evenet, eevr, ephiny, gven, eveyln, ecven, seveny, weven, eovle, revuene.

Examples of usage:

  1. Even when one never had a home?  A Beautiful Alien by Julia Magruder
  2. Oh, no; we might wait another week or two, or even a month more.  Prescott of Saskatchewan by Harold Bindloss
  3. I doubt even that.  Marjorie Dean, College Sophomore by Pauline Lester
  4. Even in the Room of Silence!  The Garden of Eden by Max Brand