Spell check of encircled

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Correct spelling: encircled

Common misspellings:

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Examples of usage:

  1. On the wide estuary of the Meuse, a chain of war ships encircled the sea- front, in shape of a half moon, lying so close to each other that it was scarcely possible even for a messenger to swim out of a dark night.  History of the United Netherlands, 1594 by John Lothrop Motley
  2. In the Ottawa camp, there was a vacant spot, quite level, and encircled by the huts of the Indians.  The Conspiracy of Pontiac and the Indian War after the Conquest of Canada by Francis Parkman
  3. The girls were on the bench and the boys were seated on the turf before the arbor, their knees encircled with their arms.  The Turner Twins by Ralph Henry Barbour
  4. 15 His short hair was decorated with golden ornaments, and the imperial borla encircled his temples.  History-of-the-Conquest-of-Peru by Prescott, William Hickling
  5. Pedro and MacDuff, eager for a gallop, left the other horses, and dashed along a three- path, grass- grown trail which encircled the hill and met the road again a mile beyond.  Virginia of Elk Creek Valley by Mary Ellen Chase