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Spell check of Disbarred

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Correct spelling:


repudiated, Denied, Relegated, removed, Banished, Disallowed, Expelled, Expatriated, banned, Evicted, Excluded, Renounced, rejected, Excised, Deported, Amputated, Ejected, Exiled, blacklisted, Blackballed, Extradited, prohibited, forbidden, Eliminated, Eradicated, Excommunicated, Ostracized, proscribed, barred.
reclusive, Expatriated, aloof, closeted, Deported, Ejected, Excluded, misanthropic, segregated, Blackballed, detached, isolated, outcast, blacklisted, antisocial, sequestered, alone, separated, Extirpated, Excommunicated, secluded, cloistered, xenophobic, Ostracized, solitary, alienated, cordoned, Exiled, confined, hermitic, Banished, Eliminated, boycott, Extradited, anonymous, lonely, maverick.
demote, disbar, degenerate, bust, debase, disparage, bump, detract, put down, break, tear down, pan, cast down, injure, take down a peg, reduce, decry, lessen, impair, pervert, demean, lower, rule out, mudsling, belittle, deprave, downgrade, slam, canker, dishonor, Bemean, cheapen, vitiate, cut down to size, take down, debauch, depose, deteriorate, run down, diminish, sink, derogate, humble, shoot down, bench, abase, corrupt, Declass, disgrace, discredit, weaken.
dispossess, dump, evict, reject, extrude, unloose, drive off, irrupt, eruct, cast out, dismiss, ditch, give the boot, dislodge, do away with, heave out, expel, oust, exclude, force out, fire, get rid of, kick out, emit, turn out, spit out, ejaculate, eighty-six, displace, banish, sack, eliminate, throw overboard, kiss goodbye, squeeze out, erupt, spout, debar, rout, discharge, show the gate to, spew, disgorge, bounce, Expulse, eradicate, vomit, send packing.
disqualified, ignored, Forbade.
removed, Evicted, Ousted, Expelled, Screened, rejected, Boycotted, Insulated.