Spell check of Dane-wort

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Correct spelling: Dane-wort

Common misspellings:

dan3-wort, danepwort, dane-wlrt, dane-wirt, sane-wort, dwne-wort, dane-wodt, dane-wo5t, dane-wkrt, dane-wprt, dand-wort, dane-aort, dane-3ort, dane-worg, cane-wort, xane-wort, dans-wort, dane-qort, dxane-wort, rane-wort, fane-wort, dane-wott, danw-wort, dane-wor6, sdane-wort, eane-wort, dane-worf, xdane-wort, dane-wory, dane-worr, danr-wort, dan4-wort, dzne-wort, cdane-wort, dsane-wort, dane-wor5, dane-woet, dane-wo4t, dane-w0rt, dqne-wort, dane-eort, dane-woft, dahe-wort, dabe-wort, dane-w9rt, dane-2ort, dsne-wort, dane-sort, dcane-wort, dane0wort.