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Spell check of completely

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Correct spelling: completely


Common misspellings:

compltely, completlle, complettly, completeley, coorperlatly, competele, compleltley, complewtely, competely, compeltey, compleate, complemetry, compleately, comptly, completley, comepltly, cmpletely, compeletly, comlptetly, complitly, compplete, completle, compelty, complerte, completeling, completty, vompletely, compleatley, compolete, compltetly, cmplete, comeptely, completeion, commpletely, competle, compeltely, completess, compleete, competitavly, compeltley, comkplete, completeled, complictle, completekly, complettely, completonaly, cimpletely, complelly, competeley, completeely.

Examples of usage:

  1. But while things were remembered, persons, I found by- and- by, were completely forgotten.  Recalled to Life by Grant Allen
  2. Do you think I don't know how completely I have failed you- how difficult your life is?  The Shadow of the East by E. M. Hull
  3. It's completely out of order!  Monitress Merle by Angela Brazil
  4. My shoulder had knocked the wind completely out of him.  The Mutineers by Charles Boardman Hawes