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Spell check of commemorate

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Correct spelling: commemorate


Common misspellings:

comemrce, commemortive, conmesurate, commemmorate, comeserate, commumicate, comemerate, comesurate, comerate, commenorate, commmodity, comemerative, commadradie, commerarate, comemorated, commeorate, conmemorating, commemerative, commmemorated, commemerated, comemorate, commemerates, comizerate, commemerating, comemarate, commemerate, commaradie, comermorative, dememtrate, comemorative, comemmorate, commemarating, commensorate, commermorative, commemrate, commemarative, commermorate, commesurate, commemrative, comemorates, comemorating, commorate, conmemorate, commerate, comissorate, commermorates, commersurate, commomorate, commerorate, commomerate.

Examples of usage:

  1. He is, indeed, very much pleased, and feels greatly encouraged, to learn of the beautiful meeting you have organized in order to commemorate this most sad and yet unique event in the history of the Cause, and sincerely trusts that the recollection of these early days of the heroic age of the Faith will have served to fill with fresh enthusiasm and renewed vigour your souls, and that as a result you all now feel the urge to play a more active part in establishing the Cause in Austria.  The Light of Divine Guidance (Volume 1) by Shoghi Effendi
  2. Sacrifices are offered by Tibetans when crossing a high pass, especially if there is a Lama close at hand to commemorate the event.  An Explorer's Adventures in Tibet by A. Henry Savage Landor
  3. For a time, as was inevitable, a pall seemed thrown over the memory of Nathan Hale, and at first only the love of his own family strove to commemorate his life and death.  Nathan Hale by Jean Christie Root
  4. It is to commemorate their wanderings that you make your Pasada.  The Mexican Twins by Lucy Fitch Perkins
  5. I met His Majesty first in the vestibule of St. Paul's, on that memorable occasion in April, 1917, when the English people held a thanksgiving service to commemorate America's entrance into the war.  The Victory At Sea by William Sowden Sims Burton J. Hendrick