Spell check of assumes

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Correct spelling: assumes

Common misspellings:

ausume, assylums, althsimers, assome, assemle, assum, essemce, assuresw, assuse, awesomest, ascuse, assums, asseum, awsum, asummed, asoume, awsume, assses, ashames, asusme, assumeed, awsomwe, assumme, asuume, assuume, azimers, asoum, assmes, assusme, aweomse, museumes, assites, assumer, assemby, assumig, ausome, asmuch, assember, assetes, aswsome, assumet, asumes, aussume, issuees, assuemd, asume, arsms, essues, issuies, asseses.

Examples of usage:

  1. Our Lord assumes that we would expect that from our experience here.  The Gospel of the Hereafter by J. Paterson-Smyth
  2. The governor, it was said, assumes to be everything.  Peter Stuyvesant, the Last Dutch Governor of New Amsterdam by John S. C. Abbott
  3. It assumes, naturally, the aspects of " progress," and consists of the richer trading class and bankers, sustainers of politicians.  The World Decision by Robert Herrick