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Spell check of anchor

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Correct spelling:
To stop; to fix or rest.

What does the acronym anchor stand for?

ANCHOR abbreviation definitions:
–  Alliance For Neighborhood Commerce Home Ownership And Revitalization
–  Alliance for Neighborhood Commerce and Home Ownership Revitalization


anchorperson, anchorman, ground tackle, mainstay, lynchpin, linchpin, cast anchor, ground, backbone, drop anchor.
anchor, ground tackle.
mainsprings, main ingredient, mainspring, keystones, key element, linchpins, linchpin.
clip, fastening, button, bracket, rabbet, cement, knitting, hinge, middleman, buckle, agent, clasp, cinch, staple, thread, spike, knot, tack, bonding, skewer, link, snap, stay, hawser, tie, mediator, band, suture, brad, cincture, stitch, seal, binding, cotter, connector, splice, bond, clamp, twine, coupling, brace, hasp, clinch, chain, mucilage, hitch, cleat, glue, zipper, bolt, lock, vise, braid, pin, latch, Vinculum, paste, catch, ligament, guy, binder, strap, go-between, medium, nail, closure, string, weld, grapnel, lace, hook, fuse, rivet, fastener, belt.
crushings, handholds, handhold, handclasp, handclasps, grapnel, handshake, handgrips, grapnels, handshakes, handgrip.
crow's nest, spotters, belvederes, belvedere, spotter, watch person watchtower.
upholders, right-hand person, upholder, sinew, righthand person, maintainer, SINEWS, sustainers, maintainers, good right arm, sustainer.
sea anchor
sheet anchor, drift anchor, drogue, drogues.
something used to hold another thing securely
mainstay, comfort, hold, protection, safeguard, ballast, mooring, support, Kedge, security, fastener, pillar, bower, grapnel, defense, grip, grappling iron, staff, stay, hook, foothold.
stop, dock, stopover.
anchor, ground.
hold, be held securely
tie, moor, fix, tie up, secure, dock, plant, make port, catch, imbed, berth, drop, fasten, attach.
Examples of usage:
  1. He also told me of finding a young bear which had broken the anchor- chain of a twelve- pound trap and dragged it over one hundred miles. – The Prairie Mother by Arthur Stringer
  2. The anchor is up; it is too late to change. – Four Weird Tales by Algernon Blackwood
  3. It was noon by the time this work was all accomplished; and the Woodville again crossed the lake, and came to anchor in the deep water above the ferry- landing, as close to the shore as it was prudent for her to lie. – Haste and Waste by Oliver Optic
  4. Come, now, if you've rested enough, we'll up anchor and away. – Jeff Benson, or the Young Coastguardsman by R.M. Ballantyne
  5. We'll up anchor and be off pretty soon, and then you can come up on deck and have a good time. – A Campfire Girl's Test of Friendship by Jane L. Stewart