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Spell check of Measures

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Correct spelling:
durations (noun)
spans, seasons, eras, ages, intervals, periods, cycles, dates, courses, durations, aeons, spells, epochs, times.
degrees (noun)
ranges, qualities, magnitudes, calibers, notches, potentials, extents, grades, degrees, intensities, amplitudes, scales, levels, steps.
measures (noun)
rods, fathoms, ells, meters, microns, decameters, inches, angstroms, mils, hectometers, steps, feet, leagues, miles, kilometers, millimeters, cubits, knots, decimeters, criteria, blocks, minutes, furlongs, yards, seconds, centimeters.
allots (verb)
sets, allows, allots, earmarks, budgets, shares, divides, parcels, portions, splits, segments, apportions, rations, distributes, assigns, partitions, allocates, dispenses, deals, slices, gives, cuts.
calculates (verb)
systematizes, adds, counts, assesses, presumes, accounts, approximates, evaluates, schedules, totals, infers, scores, rates, estimates, calculates, divides, rationalizes, concludes, quantifies, deduces, gauges, plans, considers, appraises, determines, thinks, enumerates, guesses, schemes, values, studies, supposes, quantizes, figures, surmises, sums, plots, programs, triangulates, computes, tallies, weighs, reckons, multiplies, judges, ranks.
portions (verb)
splits, subdivides, dismembers, apportions, portions, pieces, slices, budgets, cuts, parcels, chunks, divides, shares, allots, compartmentalizes, allows, zones, segments, partitions, halves.
amounts (noun)
sums, pieces, proportions, tallies, allowances, totals, quantities, numbers, rations, quanta, portions, amounts, allotments.
extents (noun)
leeways, dimensions, volumes, lengths, plateaus, areas, extents, scopes, reaches, spans, rooms, territories, scales, zones, fields, neighborhoods, stretches, regions, planes, spaces, ranges.
allotments (noun)
slices, divisions, dispensations, proportions, quanta, chunks, parts, allocations, segments, partitions, stakes, lots, portions, quotas, percentages, rations, budgets, pieces, commissions, assignments, allotments, shares, parcels, stipends, splits, allowances.
portions (noun)
cuts, lots, bits, fractions, halves, proportions, allowances, members, sectors, segments, commissions, pieces, parcels, quotas, budgets, quanta, percentages, slices, divisions, stakes, compartments, stocks, subdivisions, shares, parts, partitions, splits, dividends, portions, allotments, rations, zones, interests, helpings, chunks.
measures (verb)
scores, evaluates, quantifies, quantizes, scales, tests, calculates, rates, computes, ranks, appraises, estimates, surveys, benchmarks, calibrates.
Examples of usage:
  1. The Governor asked carelessly what measures were taken to ensure the preservation of the proprieties; and the other explained that the cells had other entrance than the door, before which a member of the family had to pass the night. no - "Eastern Shame Girl The Wedding of Ya-Nei; A Strange Destiny; The Error of the Embroidered Slipper; The Counterfeit Old Woman; The Monastery of the Esteemed-Lotus; A Complicated Marriage", Charles Georges Souli.
  2. The colony at that time, and the Home Government afterwards, approved of the wise measures of the latter. - "The Settler and the Savage", R.M. Ballantyne.
  3. These selling costs are static measures of the elements of " friction" which interfere with the smooth working of static laws! - "The Value of Money", Benjamin M. Anderson, Jr..

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