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Spell check of excise

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Correct spelling:
A charge levied upon commodities, especially upon liquors.


cut out
delete, extract, resect.
excise tax, expunge, strike.
excise, excise tax.
tax on goods
customs, duty, levy, surcharge, tariff, toll.
excise, expunge, scratch, strike.
alienate, break, cleave, detach, disassociate, disconnect, disengage, disjoin, dismantle, dissociate, disunite, divide, divorce, fragment, halve, insulate, part, partition, rend, rupture, segregate, separate, sever, split, sunder, uncouple.
ban, banish, boycott, deport, disbar, disqualify, eradicate, evict, excommunicate, exile, expatriate, expel, extradite, forbid, ignore, ostracize, oust, prohibit, proscribe, relegate, renounce, repudiate.
abandon, bar, belch, blackball, blacklist, check, chop, clip, crop, cull, curtail, cut, deep-six, deny, disallow, disapprove, discard, discharge, disclaim, disgorge, drain, eject, eliminate, emit, erupt, evacuate, exclude, excrete, exhaust, exude, jettison, jilt, junk, lop, oppugn, reject, scrap, secrete, seep, shear, shed, snip, spew, trash, vent, vomit.
remove, delete
amputate, black out, cross out, cut, destroy, edit, elide, eradicate, erase, expunge, exterminate, extirpate, extract, gut, launder, lop off, resect, scratch out, slash, stamp out, strike, trim, wipe out, Exscind, Exsect, cut off, blot out, cut out, knock off, blue pencil, cut up, scissor out, x out.
amputate, axe, bisect, disarticulate, disassemble, disintegrate, dissect, estrange, incise, pare, remove, rip, scissor, slice, unhinge, Unfix, Unglue, disaffiliate.
Examples of usage:
  1. But we found our mistake when we came to the place where the duty is paid; for we were informed we had taken the wrong road, and that transit duty could not be received; we must either pay the full excise as when goods remain in the Prussian territory, or return back until we came again into the Zoll- strasse. – Memoir and Diary of John Yeardley, Minister of the Gospel by John Yeardley
  2. There was a back way from the river- side, up a covered entry, to the yard- door of the Fosters, and a peculiar kind of knock at this door always brought out either John or Jeremiah, or if not them, their shopman, Philip Hepburn; and the same cake and wine that the excise officer's wife might just have been tasting, was brought out in the back parlour to treat the smuggler. – Sylvia's Lovers -- Complete by Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell
  3. To my office, where I received money of the excise of Mr. Ruddyer, and after we had done went to Will's and staid there till 3 o'clock and then I taking my L12 10s. – Diary of Samuel Pepys, Complete Transcribed From The Shorthand Manuscript In The Pepysian Library Magdalene College Cambridge By The Rev. Mynors Bright by Samuel Pepys Commentator: Lord Braybrooke
  4. In 1813 William Airy lost his appointment of Collector of Excise and was in consequence very much straitened in his circumstances. – Autobiography of Sir George Biddell Airy by George Biddell Airy
  5. In fact, these war debts forced parliament to impose additional taxes in 1763, including a much- despised excise tax on cider. – The Road to Independence: Virginia 1763-1783 by Virginia State Dept. of Education