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Spell check of excise

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Correct spelling:
Duty on home commodities.
To lay excise on.
dissociate (verb)
sever, dismantle, disjoin, part, partition, disconnect, divorce, alienate, segregate, divide, sunder, dissociate, insulate, rend, fragment, rupture, disassociate, halve, disengage, detach, break, separate, disunite, uncouple, split, cleave.
exclude (verb)
reject, forbid, disbar, blackball, proscribe, ban, expatriate, extradite, bar, boycott, oust, eject, ignore, exile, disallow, expel, renounce, disqualify, relegate, prohibit, excommunicate, banish, repudiate, blacklist, eliminate, deny, exclude, remove, eradicate, ostracize, evict, amputate, deport.
reject (verb)
cull, excrete, erupt, disallow, deny, junk, reject, exhaust, discharge, ejaculate, lop, deep-six, curtail, disapprove, snip, clip, shed, spew, bar, cut, oppugn, vomit, exclude, jettison, abandon, scrap, exude, chop, jilt, secrete, disgorge, disclaim, crop, check, trash, vent, belch, discard, blackball, blacklist, eliminate, shear, drain, eject, evacuate, emit, seep.
separate (verb)
sunder, disintegrate, incise, dissociate, uncouple, disengage, dissect, disaffiliate, bisect, dismantle, axe, alienate, insulate, separate, part, halve, slice, rip, estrange, disassociate, break, amputate, unfix, pare, disassemble, disunite, cut, segregate, rend, divorce, cleave, unhinge, disconnect, fragment, sever, disjoin, disarticulate, remove, detach, divide, split, scissor, unglue.
Other synonyms:
excise tax, expunge, strike.
Examples of usage:
  1. When this can not be done, the only resort is to cut in and excise it while the cow is dry. - "Special Report on Diseases of Cattle", U.S. Department of Agriculture J.R. Mohler.
  2. In respect of this maxim, the customs and excise duties are very good taxes, because a person pays duty whenever he buys a bottle of spirits or an ounce of tobacco. - "Political economy", W. Stanley Jevons.

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