Spell check of zeugma

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Correct spelling: zeugma


Common misspellings:

zeugka, zeugmz, zeugms, zdeugma, zehgma, zeugmw, zdugma, zeugja, ze8gma, zeuhma, zeutma, azeugma, zreugma, zeufma, zeugmq, zeigma, z4ugma, zeugna, ze3ugma, z4eugma, aeugma, zerugma, zeygma, seugma, xzeugma, zseugma, xeugma, zaeugma, zwugma, zrugma, zejugma, zeuyma, zxeugma, ze7gma, szeugma, zeuygma, z3eugma, zeuvma, zweugma, zeubma, zeuhgma, ze4ugma, zeyugma, zehugma, zejgma, zsugma, zewugma, z3ugma, zesugma, zedugma.

Examples of usage:

  1. So judged at least the ancient grammarians, who noticed and named almost every possible form of the zeugma, without censuring any as being ungrammatical.  The Grammar of English Grammars by Goold Brown