Spell check of year dot

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Correct spelling: year dot

Common misspellings:

ysar dot, y7ear dot, yeqr dot, y3ar dot, year dlt, year eot, gear dot, year doy, year cot, uear dot, year dkt, hyear dot, yewr dot, year rot, ygear dot, yezr dot, year dor, yeaf dot, hear dot, year xot, year dof, 7ear dot, yeae dot, ywar dot, year do6, tyear dot, year dog, yhear dot, yea5 dot, year d0t, year sot, year fot, year dit, year do5, gyear dot, yesr dot, ydar dot, 7year dot, yeat dot, ytear dot, yead dot, year d9t, uyear dot, y4ar dot, tear dot, yrar dot, yea4 dot, year dpt, yuear dot, 6ear dot.