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Spell check of widescreen

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Correct spelling:


aerial, aspect, boob tube, box, broadcast, cable television, cameraman, channel, closed-circuit television, continuity, decoder, footage, frame, gaffer, hdtv, infotainment, rating, receive, receiver, reception, reveal, screen, set, side, sweep, television, telly, terrestrial, tube, turn, tv, video, watershed, zap, HD, PPV, VOD, EPG, CCTV, televisual, Playstation, best boy, breakfast television, digibox, pay-per-view, pay TV, plasma screen, set-top box, telegenic, teletext, test card, test pattern, cathode ray tube, shout-out, shopping channel, autotune, public broadcasting, smart tv, ceefax, public service broadcasting, flat screen, high def, high definition, high def, turn (sth) over, catch-up TV, channel-hopping, goggle-box, high definition, pay channel, square-eyed, the small screen 2.