Spell check of weariness

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Correct spelling: weariness

Common misspellings:

awereness, awwareness, aweareness, weallness, wealness, 2eariness, awarreness, awarerness, worriness, weatness, wezriness, weaeiness, w4ariness, warentees, warintee, awaraness, weriness, weaness, fariness, wearere's, wareness, warness, wdariness, wearines, eeariness, aweraness, aeariness, waryness, erriness, weakiness, wesriness, qeariness, worridness, awariness, wrariness, weafiness, seariness, weridness, warinitee, 3eariness, awaireness, weadiness, wearyness, awearaness, wearin, wearinf, warriness, eerieness, wewriness, weqriness.

Examples of usage:

  1. Some of the men had already stretched themselves cut in sleep, and there was weariness in the slow speech of the others.  Princess Maritza by Percy Brebner
  2. Weariness was telling on her and the disappointment of her mission's failure.  The Secret Witness by George Gibbs
  3. Rosemary's voice was very low and had in it all the weariness of the world.  Master of the Vineyard by Myrtle Reed
  4. The sigh with which he settled back in his chair was one of utter weariness.  Every Man for Himself by Hopkins Moorhouse
  5. For it often happens that when a man is spending all his efforts on something, and it does not come about in the way or to the end that he wants, his mind falls into weariness and sadness, as if he reflected and said: " It is better for thee to give up this enterprise which thou hast begun and worked on so long, and it is not yet come to an end: and to seek peace and quiet in thy own mind."  Letters of Catherine Benincasa by Catherine Benincasa