Spell check of violence

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Correct spelling: violence

Common misspellings:

violance, vilonce, vioence, violience, vidulence, vilons, violenet, voluneers, voluneer, violenceis, voilince, violnce, violences, volentear, vilolence, voleenter, volence, volance, violenced, viloance, volunme, viligence, vingence, volentter, volience, voulenter, vilance, villens, tolernce, dillence, tolernace, violine, vigulance, voilece, violenly, vigilence, vegence, violene, violines, violenceand, toleance, violcence, viglance, violice, vience, vilence, violince, vigelence, viiolent, tollernce.

Examples of usage:

  1. However, it was mainly the violence of the storm that enabled them to effect their escape at all.  The History of the Peloponnesian War by Thucydides
  2. Try to forgive me for my violence last night.  Amabel Channice by Anne Douglas Sedgwick
  3. You will never use violence to me.  Dora Thorne by Charlotte M. Braeme
  4. Just as they sighted her an enormous sea broke over the steamer with such violence as to stop her way for a moment, and cause her strong frame to quiver.  The Lifeboat by R.M. Ballantyne