Spell check of unjust

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Correct spelling: unjust


Common misspellings:

incustody, angust, asjust, untasty, ammoungst, yungest, incast, ontext, njust, anxyity, unbiast, injuty, upjust, upnext, ijust, amoungst, ojust, ujust, itjust, unkept, unbiest, unexused, inacvurste, uniquest, orjust, omongust, enougt, unlest, injusted, omongst, unjustice, objest, andjust, thenjust, indust, ausgust, angnst, angsnt, insiust, linquist, injustic, unjder, enrust, injust, ejust, enjoyet, enext, unsurte, acupuncuist, udjust.

Examples of usage:

  1. You are quite as unjust as my aunt to- day.  The Mormon Prophet by Lily Dougall
  2. It's better to be ashamed than to be unjust."  King Spruce, A Novel by Holman Day
  3. I am merely repeating the judgment of her own friends in this, for I do not wish to be unjust to her, even now.  The Best Policy by Elliott Flower
  4. The suspicion is doubtless unjust, but it exists.  The Inside Story Of The Peace Conference by Emile Joseph Dillon
  5. Even though the thing might be unjust, still she must do it.  Miss Mackenzie by Anthony Trollope