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Spell check of treats

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Correct spelling: treats

What does the acronym treats stand for?

TREATS abbreviation definition:

Common misspellings:

breats, treetz, turetts, trders, traties, patriats, otwratosci, trats, treas, towarads, treast, treatt, tenats, treatd, treart, cuttroats, treaves, terroits, treath, teants, streats, traitss, threaghts, treeforts, truts, terams, trates, dreasts, treatys, treatly, therats, trouts, treaten, teeeets, trahs, tracs, tworads, tourettes, trpas, traety, treatme, trreated, traet, trate, creats, torents, treadies, dreds, reates, treaated.

Examples of usage:

  1. I am always close at his heels in the chase, I who sound the horn when he has killed the forest beasts; I am at the head of all his retainers, and I would give my life for his sake; yet when he is at his worst I can hardly keep off my hands from his throat, I am so horrified at the way in which he treats his beautiful daughter."  The Man-Wolf and Other Tales by Emile Erckmann and Alexandre Chatrian
  2. But where the real educational value comes in hain't in the machine itself, or the makin' on't, though that's interestin', but the way this company treats its employees.  Samantha at the St. Louis Exposition by Marietta Holley
  3. He has said to me a dozen times: 'Judy, watch the way a man treats his horse if you want to size him up!  Judith of Blue Lake Ranch by Jackson Gregory
  4. Consequently, although the first half of her book, which treats of the store's methods and policies, is common to those that are being prepared by her fellows in all the other selling departments, the second half is the result of the special training that was given her in the department of training along the lines of her own merchandise.  The Romance of a Great Store by Edward Hungerford
  5. But thus it is that Love treats his most faithful servants.  Stories from the Italian Poets: With Lives of the Writers, Vol. 2 by Leigh Hunt