Spell check of treated

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Correct spelling: treated

Common misspellings:

creatied, troted, breated, treaten, towrted, treaated, deteariated, creatd, careated, tersted i, trited, trded, areted, trsted, territoty, surrated, stredded, greated, ereted, trelated, truested, drested, deteriated, treatly, detiorated, createrd, irrated, cerated, thraeded, retaded, creatted, creatid, irratied, deterioated, treatmend, direcetd, treeed, trooted, tragedty, truted, treatent, treatrd, treatened, trsuted, treadted, treded, troughted, dreated, sreaded, traged.

Examples of usage:

  1. Enough that Madame made me understand that she was well treated, and I let my dear know that there were those at work who would soon free her, and perhaps there was a word or so besides on a subject which concerned us two alone.  The Chevalier d'Auriac by S. (Sidney) Levett-Yeats
  2. Harry took it into his head that I had not treated his friend well, when he was out West, at Norman's, I mean.  Janet's Love and Service by Margaret M Robertson
  3. Life, at any rate, has just treated me to one.  The Prairie Mother by Arthur Stringer
  4. There are a great many of them there, and they were certain to be very kindly treated.  The Country Doctor by Honore de Balzac
  5. But you have treated me as though I were a thief.  The Dark Star by Robert W. Chambers