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Correct spelling: treat


What does the acronym treat stand for?

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Common misspellings:

turet, treandy, defreat, trech, treatign, torpato, teitr, treath, drteam, freat, tretie, treavor, terest, patriat, treast, twhat, trueth, totat, deatr, dreaft, trott, tright, traet, tget, traety, striat, trapet, teneat, freate, terrot, toread, teacht, treatys, treaated, dgreat, threaght, rtreat, treash, strreet, tahati, stret, treee, treatly, aireate, sreet, torent, reat, treel, troday, treaten.

Examples of usage:

  1. Have you no heart that you treat me as you do?"  The Star-Gazers by George Manville Fenn
  2. " Want to treat a man fair if I can.  Loaded Dice by Ellery H. Clark
  3. I'm going to give you a treat, to- night."  Their Son; The Necklace by Eduardo Zamacois
  4. You'll treat her as you have everything.  Literary Love-Letters and Other Stories by Robert Herrick
  5. But no one took any notice of this speech, hardly knowing how to treat it.  Not Like Other Girls by Rosa N. Carey