Spell check of third

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Correct spelling: third


Common misspellings:

thirtyif, methard, thudd, thesaid, thyoid, thirsd, thihg, thsed, theart, thierr, they'de, thay'd, thint, thirlled, ythier, thersdy, mthod, theirry, thteir, thursda, theiry, thirdty, thife, thiird, thrie, therd, therad, thehard, athird, theiri, thiat, thirthy, thrir, thetr, thursdy, thefood, thired, hteir, autherd, thirdy, thieir, thrid, thift, rthart, thirtey, thirtee, thoird, thirth, theuir, thweir.

Examples of usage:

  1. " Two years; this is my third.  Left End Edwards by Ralph Henry Barbour
  2. When young men asked her to go to a Christmas dance, she said " No" once, said " No" twice, but the third time she would say: " I'll try and come from two to six."  Growth of the Soil by Knut Hamsun
  3. This is the third year that she's been here and I know what I'm talking about.  Hopalong Cassidy's Rustler Round-Up Bar-20 by Clarence Edward Mulford
  4. On the third day she said to General Rolleston: " Papa, you will help me in the good cause- will you not?"  Foul Play by Charles Reade Dion Boucicault
  5. But it was evident that this third person was by no means on the Curate's side.  The Perpetual Curate by Mrs [Margaret] Oliphant