Spell check of talking

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Correct spelling: talking


Common misspellings:

talkaive, talling, talken, tellnig, talkning, walkking, talkting, ralking, tolding, wlking, dlooking, talkink, taslking, tackeling, telekinis, warwalking, walkeing, takana, toking, tajken, taqlking, takign, tking, timekino, talkinq, taiking, dialouging, tackleing, tsking, telliong, telleng, telking, tsaking, taskin, talknig, talikg, tarcking, atlking, talkingto, tailling, tajing, tallking, wlaking, taliking, trakking, takinga, takjing, dealking, tealing, takin.

Examples of usage:

  1. And don't stay up Talking till morning.  Mr. Faust by Arthur Davison Ficke
  2. Why, he is talking!  Catherine de' Medici by Honore de Balzac
  3. Clithering, he said, was talking to me to- night.  The Red Hand of Ulster by George A. Birmingham
  4. You must do the talking now.  Rodney The Partisan by Harry Castlemon