Spell check of taking a leak

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Correct spelling: taking a leak

Common misspellings:

taiing a leak, taking a ldak, 6aking a leak, takinf a leak, taking a lrak, taking a peak, faking a leak, taking s leak, takkng a leak, tqking a leak, takinh a leak, tajing a leak, yaking a leak, takung a leak, takint a leak, takinb a leak, takibg a leak, taking a leqk, twking a leak, taking q leak, takong a leak, tsking a leak, tzking a leak, taling a leak, raking a leak, taoing a leak, takiny a leak, takinv a leak, taking a keak, takjng a leak, takihg a leak, taking a leaj, gaking a leak, taking a lewk, taking a l3ak, speakrs, taking a lesk, taking z leak, taking a l4ak, taking w leak, taking a oeak, taking a lsak, tak8ng a leak, taking a lwak, takijg a leak, tak9ng a leak, taming a leak, taking a lezk, takimg a leak, 5aking a leak.