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Correct spelling: stern


What does the acronym stern stand for?

STERN abbreviation definition:

Common misspellings:

strengh, cetnre, sturbon, sizteen, rten, stuten, stren, sytun, sitefor, soter, cetin, sterss, decern, stuburn, stubern, lturn, sterdy, scerd, soutehrn, sittin, lsten, tearn, steoro, setain, syterm, iten, stien, sterio, saten, stoen, stearl, lsiten, wertern, litern, seveteen, steph, studen, soutn, serton, stoeln, esteen, souhtern, sterly, stirng, sitten, sternem, setin, sturnly, stonr, stron.

Examples of usage:

  1. There was room in the stern where I sat.  Police!!! by Robert W. Chambers
  2. Lionel sought to assure himself that his brother was a man of stern fibres, a man who never lost control of himself.  The Sea-Hawk by Raphael Sabatini
  3. It was by a stern effort of his will that he composed his face as he went up the stairs of his own house.  Mary Gray by Katharine Tynan
  4. But Mrs Rendell closed her lips in a stern silence, and had no word of pity for her daughter.  A Houseful of Girls by Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey