Spell check of Staggered

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Correct spelling: Staggered

Common misspellings:

segegrate, ciggeret, slaughered, etaggered, wtaggered, s6aggered, stagerd, syaggered, tiggered, sraggered, badgaered, stagefright, suggered, statered, stammared, mastgered, dtaggered, stardered, skatered, stuggeled, testgrid, staggard, disaggred, stagured, streered, staggerd, sgaggered, fitzgerard, stamered, stagered, stattered, staggred, scadered, staggared, stragerty, ztaggered, sturctured, xtaggered, sturctered, stuctured, starcrossed, sfaggered, ataggered, stickered, scaddered, targered, saudered, startered, stgarted, staggereing.

Examples of usage:

  1. As he finished speaking, he dropped the things from the hand that held them, and staggered back a few paces against the wall.  Thaddeus of Warsaw by Jane Porter
  2. But at last it was slowly indeed I staggered up to her, spent.  The Flight of the Shadow by George MacDonald
  3. She staggered to one side, and Mary came forward.  Furze the Cruel by John Trevena
  4. I was interested, but I said to myself, " This is much too good," and the ready journey from Paris rather staggered me.  London's Underworld by Thomas Holmes
  5. It struck him full on the cheek, and for a moment staggered him- but only for a moment.  The Willoughby Captains by Talbot Baines Reed