Spell check of smiling

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Correct spelling: smiling

Common misspellings:

sybling, slimline, samling, smierking, smiliey, smeling, simailiar, smeiring, timline, ceieling, smapling, somelthing, somilian, simming, sibiling, smuggiling, stiling, similliar, smolik, smyling, siling, smailing, timeling, similiar, smilie, smiking, muling, simulior, sumggling, ceilign, symolic, smithing, simialiar, similunar, semmlingly, smiliing, smilling, milin, squiling, emaileing, similirar, simililar, smileon, swimiming, smellin, sizziling, somilia, sailling, smoling, selliing.

Examples of usage:

  1. " Just a few minutes longer," replied Mrs. Markland, smiling.  The Good Time Coming by T. S. Arthur
  2. In fact, Beavais was smiling.  The Puppet Crown by Harold MacGrath
  3. " Very well," said Olivia, smiling at him.  The Loudwater Mystery by Edgar Jepson
  4. " There," said the gentleman, smiling, " now take that home to your mother, my boy."  Little Ferns For Fanny's Little Friends by Fanny Fern
  5. " Not yet," Julia answered, smiling.  A People's Man by E. Phillips Oppenheim