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Spell check of small-minded

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Correct spelling: small-minded

Common misspellings:

smallpminded, snall-minded, small-m8nded, wmall-minded, sjall-minded, small-mind3d, small-mjnded, smsll-minded, small-minsed, small-minfed, smqll-minded, small-mindrd, smzll-minded, small-m9nded, small-mindex, smwll-minded, small-ninded, dmall-minded, smaol-minded, smapl-minded, xmall-minded, small-mijded, small-mindes, small-mind4d, emall-minded, small-munded, amall-minded, small-mknded, small-monded, small-mibded, smakl-minded, small-mindwd, smalk-minded, small-minced, smallminded, small-jinded, smalo-minded, zmall-minded, small-kinded, small-minxed, small0minded, small-minred, small-mindec, smalp-minded, skall-minded, small-mimded, small-mineed, small-mindsd, small-mihded, small-minddd.