Spell check of slight

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Correct spelling: slight


Common misspellings:

satalight, flyght, slightyl, 4sight, relight, saought, lighte, slipt, smight, slifht, moolight, slightlye, sunlught, slighley, sillt, slient, sillute, slght, slughtly, slighlt, sightt, slegh, flieght, sloughter, slightl, dalight, sulight, slitghly, allight, ighlight, shight, rilght, larght, sinlight, sraight, slihght, sllightly, superlight, soewht, sught, staight, phlight, loight, slgiht, slieght, tlight, sighht, slyghtly, sliht, elight.

Examples of usage:

  1. He extended his hand to his friend and shook it warmly, as he was inclined to do for slight cause.  The Hunters of the Ozark by Edward S. Ellis
  2. Now, you are held here, as you know, for other reasons; kidnapping is a crime, and not a slight one, either.  The Diamond Pin by Carolyn Wells
  3. " I'm afraid not, Hoodie," said Magdalen with a slight smile.  Hoodie by Mary Louisa Stewart Molesworth
  4. Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Lightener- and their daughter, Bonbright noticed the slight pause before the mention of the daughter, and looked quickly at his mother.  Youth Challenges by Clarence B Kelland