Spell check of singularity

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Correct spelling: singularity


Common misspellings:

sigularity, singualrity, skngularity, smilarity, simularity, singualarity, singulairty, simlarity, similirity, sinderity, similaraity, sililarity, sjngularity, sinserity, singularily, s9ngularity, simgularity, simalarity, similairity, sibgularity, xingularity, singulary, eingularity, singerlarity, similarety, singlewide, zingularity, simialrity, dingularity, sincarity, simmilarity, sijgularity, simarlarity, s8ngularity, wingularity, aingularity, sihgularity, sinyarity, singlehood, sinvularity, sungularity, symilarity, sinfularity, sinbularity, simerlarity, similariyt, simylarity, songularity, simliarity, sinscerity.

Examples of usage:

  1. If Slavonian tribes were subjected not only by the sword, but also by mutual convention, this singularity is due to the exceptional position of those tribes, placed between a northern and eastern invasion, and embracing the former as a protection from the latter.  Secret Diplomatic History of The Eighteenth Century by Karl Marx
  2. She never wore any head- dress but a white muslin turban, the effect of which on her superb dark face was strikingly handsome, and not only its singularity but its noble and becoming simplicity distinguished her in every assembly, amid the various fantastic head- gear of each successive Parisian " fashion of the day."  Records of a Girlhood by Frances Ann Kemble
  3. There are some curious varieties of the domestic duck, which only appear interesting from their singularity, for there does not seem to be anything of use or value in the unusual characteristics which distinguish them; thus, the bow- bill duck, as shown in the engraving, called by some writers the hook- bill, is remarkable for the peculiarly strange distortion of its beak, and the tuft on the top of its head.  The Book of Household Management by Mrs. Isabella Beeton