Spell check of silenced

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Correct spelling: silenced

Common misspellings:

scilence, silancer, cirlced, splenocytes, seletced, slinece, slienced, violenced, cilivized, silenece, licensced, scilenced, clenced, silense, syleised, silnece, flinced, silenet, violenceand, silencely, silented, silance, setneced, ciolence, seleced, slilence, delinced, lisensed, silince, senced, scenced, lisenced, setenced, licienced, ciliized, silender, liensed, liecenced, slende, singlecelled, sileneced, licenced, cilivised, balenced, silvester, licesenced, silienced, liscenced, sienced, salesand.

Examples of usage:

  1. One look at the face he saw there silenced him.  The Potato Child and Others by Mrs. Charles J. Woodbury
  2. This reply silenced him.  Victor Ollnee's Discipline by Hamlin Garland
  3. But Marietta wasn't going to be silenced now, she was too excited.  The Northern Light by E. Werner
  4. The enemy replies with all his guns, but they were soon silenced.  Who Goes There? by Blackwood Ketcham Benson
  5. You are very kind to a lonely stranger, she called, to an instantly silenced audience, and I will sing for you a song which has but lately come from London.  Down the Mother Lode by Vivia Hemphill