Spell check of setting

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Correct spelling: setting


Common misspellings:

useding, sedning, seeting, sittinng, certien, nessting, eatting, seatign, somting, siiting, gettina, setin, naseating, setain, settlign, settiing, soting, seetting, sercing, seming, metting, certtain, teting, senting, seitan, sweatin, seting, sectoin, steting, settion, sitten, ssettings, sourting, sptting, sittling, sectino, eting, seleting, steping, seazing, serbing, sittting, geting, meetting, seathing, sittin, sittig, sectin, wseating, eiting.

Examples of usage:

  1. " It's a thing you will have to do some time or other, Lady Mary," observed Mr. Cottrell, " unless you are setting up as an 'eccentric.  Belles and Ringers by Hawley Smart
  2. For this purpose, some form of a setting board is necessary.  Butterflies Worth Knowing by Clarence M. Weed
  3. One evening he strolled into the garden just as the sun was setting.  Austin and His Friends by Frederic H. Balfour
  4. He thought of setting light to some unravelled rope by using a piece of ice to act as a burning glass.  Young Knights of the Empire by Sir Robert Baden-Powell
  5. We're a setting wi' closed doors.  The Parson O' Dumford by George Manville Fenn