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Spell check of segregated

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Correct spelling:


unintegrated, segregated.
disjoint, dismantled, Sundered, cleaved, dissected, unglued, fragmented, split, disunited, parted, Disassociated, separated, Disengaged, severed, uncoupled, partitioned, disconnected, disassembled, scissored, rent, unhinged, Disintegrated, cut, unfixed, Bisected, dissociated, detached, divided, Excised, disarticulated, sliced, incised, Halved, broken, divorced, fissured.
divided into racial or ethnic groups
separated, divided along racial lines, Excluded, discriminative, isolated, restricted.
eerie, outer, extraterrestrial, disaffiliated, disjoint, strange, disconnected, unessential, irrelevant, detached, external, extraneous, unaffiliated, Unallied, other, dissociated, impertinent, outside, outlandish, nonessential, inapplicable, extrinsic, separated, separate, foreign-born, alien, unrelated, exotic, estranged, immaterial, foreign, removed, parenthetical, inappropriate, inadmissible.
Ejected, Blackballed, maverick, reclusive, Screened, Extradited, antisocial, misanthropic, tucked away, Excommunicated, solitary, Ostracized, Expatriated, Eliminated, alone, alienated, secluded, Banished, separated, blockaded, cloistered, Disbarred, outcast, boycott, confined, blacklisted, Seclusive, secluse, anonymous, Deported, Extirpated, xenophobic, closeted, sequestered, off the beaten track, detached, cordoned, aloof, Exiled, Excluded, hermitic, lonely, isolated.
remote, detached, disenfranchised, dissociated, disjoint, irrelevant, separate, inapplicable, unrelated, alien, Unallied, foreign, extraneous, unaffiliated.
lily-white, quarantined, separate, isolated, white, sequestered, unintegrated.
split, broke, Excised, parted, cleaved, uncoupled, Disengaged, cleft, disjoined, divided, rent, ruptured, partitioned, alienated, disunited, Disassociated, Sundered, dismantled, Halved, severed, broken, divorced, fragmented, Insulated.
Expelled, Screened, Ousted, rejected, Boycotted, Evicted.
dissected, ripped, cut, unfixed, sliced, Disintegrated, Pared, Bisected, unglued, incised, axed, Amputated, unhinged, disassembled.
Examples of usage:
  1. Inveterate criminals should be segregated. – Salvation Syrup; Or, Light On Darkest England by G. W. Foote
  2. Only one openly segregated them to a particular part of the dining- room. – Negro Migration during the War by Emmett J. Scott
  3. Sixty- nine per cent of the children raised in the vast slum neighborhoods surrounding the segregated districts of prostitution are ruined before reaching the age of eighteen. – Chicago's Black Traffic in White Girls by Jean Turner-Zimmermann