Spell check of root-stock

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Correct spelling: root-stock

Common misspellings:

eoot-stock, root-xtock, rolt-stock, roog-stock, root-stodk, root-s6ock, r9ot-stock, doot-stock, root-sgock, root-stoxk, root-stpck, rokt-stock, root-wtock, rpot-stock, root-stocm, toot-stock, rootpstock, ro9t-stock, root0stock, roor-stock, ropt-stock, 4oot-stock, rlot-stock, root-atock, roo5-stock, foot-stock, ro0t-stock, root-s5ock, root-st9ck, root-stlck, root-stick, root-sfock, root-srock, root-etock, root-dtock, rkot-stock, root-stkck, riot-stock, root-stofk, roo6-stock, root-syock, root-stocj, root-ztock, r0ot-stock, rooy-stock, roit-stock, roof-stock, 5oot-stock, root-st0ck, root-stovk.