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Spell check of Responsory

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Correct spelling: Responsory

Common misspellings:

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Examples of usage:

  1. Every now and then Mrs. Anna had a new request; to- day a responsory, to- morrow a motet, the day after a mass, then hymns, then psalms, then antiphons; and all gratis.  The Love Affairs of Great Musicians, Volume 1 by Rupert Hughes
  2. This responsory system of reading Holy Scripture is still retained in its old form in the case of the Ten Commandments when read in the Communion service.  The American Church Dictionary and Cyclopedia by William James Miller
  3. 407, which suggested beginning with line 5 and adding 408. 7- 8 from the responsory poem.  An Essay on True and Apparent Beauty in which from Settled Principles is Rendered the Grounds for Choosing and Rejecting Epigrams by Pierre Nicole