Spell check of reigning

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Correct spelling: reigning

Common misspellings:

beignning, begiining, reengineer, reassinging, runnining, reuning, traqining, beegining, workinging, resigining, begininger, beganing, breakning, brighening, beginging, wrigling, requirng, rininging, reaoning, rainning, rinning, reiginng, bigining, reurning, regardinging, recogning, begginging, sigining, reasining, brigthening, rening, rekigion, begening, reclyning, recconing, reginia, rigding, remaning, reatining, reconing, ligning, recinging, reconning, geginning, regimine, beggining, begginign, reminning, recoginzing, beigining.

Examples of usage:

  1. In order to reign in opinion, begin by reigning over it.  Rousseau Volumes I. and II. by John Morley
  2. The king of Judaea, the prophet's country, was not reigning in righteousness.  Sermons on National Subjects by Charles Kingsley
  3. They might be deeply shocked and sorry, but still Sir Victor Catheron was Sir Victor Catheron, the richest baronet in the county, and Catheron Royals always a pleasant house to visit- the reigning Lady Catheron always a desirable acquaintance on one's visiting- list.  A Terrible Secret by May Agnes Fleming
  4. It will throw light upon the sudden changes that now began to break over Europe if we pause to make a brief survey of the state of Germany at the outbreak of the war, to note the character and policy of its reigning sovereigns, and to cast a glance over the circumstances which had brought the central district of Europe into its actual condition.  History of Modern Europe 1792-1878 by C. A. Fyffe
  5. There was a dead silence now reigning in that chamber, broken at last by Sir Philip, as, forgetful of all else but the fearful wrong that had been done the suffering girl before him, he bent over Ella to kiss her tenderly.  By Birth a Lady by George Manville Fenn