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Spell check of pine

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Correct spelling: pine

What does the acronym pine stand for?

PINE abbreviation definitions:

Common misspellings:

pizze, panet, pineappe, peonie, phione, pne, piru, spene, vinue, pizzey, ginue, peive, hine, priner, pincie, piee, payiny, pohone, painb, phopne, pennie, pring, pime, pinkey, phine, pianeer, pwner, opone, picni, pune, painic, dine, poney, poine, poing, pire, mine, ipone, oine, pinor, pidgen, piunt, zine, pirze, paoin, pide, wepone, piund, tine, poion.

Examples of usage:

  1. He put on his best clothes, mounted his horse and rode off to the Pine- grove.  The Marvellous History of the Shadowless Man and The Cold Heart by Adelbert von Chamisso Wilhelm Hauff
  2. Then put in it the pine- apple slices, and boil them till they are clear and soft, but not till they break.  Seventy-Five Receipts for Pastry Cakes, and Sweetmeats by Miss Leslie
  3. Choosin' a horse is a good deal like pickin' out a sugar pine for shakes.  The Boy With the U. S. Foresters by Francis Rolt-Wheeler
  4. I hurried out and around behind the church to where he lay folded deep beneath the pine shadows.  A Circuit Rider's Wife by Corra Harris