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accredit, authorize, commission, coronate, crown, depute, empower, endow, energize, enroll.
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Spell check of perverted

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Correct spelling:

What does the acronym perverted stand for?

PERVERTED abbreviation definition:
–  Perversion


warped, tampered with.
overripe, over-ripe.
immoral, evil
vitiated, Deviating, distorted, unhealthy, misguided, contorted, defiled, deviant, twisted, abnormal, debauched, tainted, monstrous, outraged, misused, corrupted, sick, abandoned, warped, corrupt, polluted, impaired, aberrant, queer, wicked, foreign, vitiate, debased, kinky, depraved, vicious, grotesque, unnatural, abused.
unsanctified, undutiful, godless, recusant, unholy, irreverent, unregenerate, un-hallowed, unrighteous, un-sanctified, desecrative, un-regenerate.
wicked, Deviating.
kinky, disingenuous, abnormal, depraved, corrupt, artful, distorted, perverse, immoral, twisted, misrepresented, reprobate.
mangled, disfigured, bent, contorted, crooked.
vitiated, seduced, degraded, debased, desecrated, deformed, warped, Abased, corrupted, twisted, debauched, distorted, adulterated, demoralized, depraved.
Examples of usage:
  1. But I have, I confess, no liking for the story of treachery and perverted cleverness which I have to tell. – The Woman in Black by Edmund Clerihew Bentley
  2. He could not think of her mind as blotted out or perverted; he could not conceive of it otherwise than as corresponding with her outward symmetry. – His Sombre Rivals by E. P. Roe
  3. Such name as he had is almost absorbed in the more brilliant reputation of his grandson- the spoiled child of the House of Commons, as Burke called him- that Charles Townshend of the famous " Champagne Speech;" the Chancellor of the Exchequer, of whom we shall hear a good deal later on, and who, by the sheer force of animal spirits, feather- headed talents, and ignorance, became, in a certain perverted sense, the father of American Independence. – A History of the Four Georges, Volume I (of 4) by Justin McCarthy
  4. Its meaning has been perverted, sentences distorted, and words changed in order to suit the caprice of its advocates. – A Manual of the Antiquity of Man by J. P. MacLean
  5. The measures which I observed at Paris had turned to no account; on the contrary, the letter which I wrote to Mr. Secretary Stanhope was quoted as a base and fawning submission, and what I intended as a mark of respect to the Government and a service to my friends was perverted to ruin me in the opinion of the latter. – Letters to Sir William Windham and Mr. Pope by Lord Bolingbroke